Map and Modernize Your Data Strategy: Part 1

Mapping and Modernizing Your Data Strategy for Longterm Success: Part 1

You can use this guide to gain valuable insight into optimizing organizational performance and maximizing impact through data.

According to a recent funder study, the impact is a top consideration when deciding whether to fund an organization.

This guide addresses common challenges nonprofits face, such as economic uncertainty and staffing fluctuations. These challenges can make modifying the current database or reporting systems difficult.

This guide emphasizes the importance of modernizing software to improve service delivery, expand programs, and sustain funding. It explains the risks of putting off such changes, including gaps in data that can lead to service delivery issues, difficulty in understanding organizational impact, staff burnout due to manual data entry processes, and lost funding opportunities due to an inability to meet reporting requirements.

Adopting an intelligent case management solution is recommended as the first step to addressing these challenges. This solution will enable your organization to streamline its processes, automate data collection, and reduce staff workload while improving data accuracy.

In this guide, you will receive an understanding of the following:

  • Outputs: Individual data points highlighting client interactions (e.g. meals served, session attendees).
  • Outcomes: Quantitative/qualitative conclusions from outputs that measure change (e.g. 80% reduction in recidivism).
  • Impact: Overall change and influence on clients/community backed by reported outcomes (e.g. successful reintegration into families).
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