Create Reports Funders Want to See

How to create a nonprofit report that funders want to see

Want to learn how to create a nonprofit report to boost donor trust? You can use this guide to identify what funders use to make decisions.

Connecting a nonprofit’s impact to its reporting provides steps for measuring program outcomes. Defining objectives and focusing on quantitative measurements is essential to improve nonprofit reporting processes. Next, data should be collected, and caseworkers should understand the larger picture. The data can then be analyzed to develop outcomes that show the nonprofit’s impact. Finally, outcomes should be shared with internal and external stakeholders to showcase the nonprofit’s work and boost fundraising and engagement.

Based on survey responses from 440 funders, the guide explains how nonprofits can improve their reporting to appeal to more funders.

Nonprofits must develop comprehensive, data-driven reports demonstrating their impact and aligning with funders’ decision-making factors to secure funding. Funders’ decision-making is primarily driven by how nonprofits develop and create reports, and the guide stresses the need to report to stakeholders. It identifies different types of reports nonprofits can create and emphasizes the importance of efficient reporting to generate more funding, especially with staffing shortages.

Here is what you will receive in this guide :

  • How to create a nonprofit report
  • Examples of reports that nonprofits use to tell their story
  • How to connect your nonprofit’s impact to reporting
  • Four steps to keep in mind when measuring your outcomes
  • and more!
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