[PODCAST] Nonprofit Organization Annual Reports: Show Don’t Tell!

How a Nonprofit Organization Annual Report should Show, not Tell.

Back in the day, a nonprofit organization annual report was a full-team effort comprised of selecting stock images, stories, paper, and binding. ED’s and advancement professionals balanced the decision of developing an impressive report with not looking like they spent too much. The end result was a 20+page volume that only the unlucky staff member assigned to editing actually read. Thank goodness, things have changed! Josh Kligman of Yearly shares with us his expertise on bringing nonprofit annual reports to life with technology and trade secrets.


Digital Delivers More Engagement

There are likely two common denominators among your nonprofit’s supporters: 1)They want to further the good works you do! And, 2) They are pressed for time. Delivering your nonprofit organization’s annual report digitally allows them to consume the content via the channel they prefer. A video, clickable PDF, or even a social post can deliver the message of your organization’s impact. Josh clearly calls out “too must text” as the most significant mistake that nonprofits make when producing their annual report. Spice up your narrative by using media to tell your story like never before.

Digital Provides ROI

Josh cautions nonprofits to not produce an annual report simply because you always have. Set goals! Do you want more volunteers? Convey that need. Do you need financial support? Tell a story of transformational giving that will inspire others. Start with the end in mind by recording what you hope to achieve with your report. A digital provides easily capture data so you can track your return on investment such as clicks, donations, and views. Over time, you can produce shorter and more information-rich reports by tracking what your audience responds to.

About Josh Kligman

Josh Kligman is the CEO and Co-Founder of Yearly. Josh has worked with nonprofits on annual reports, brand, and partnerships since 2011. Throughout his career, Josh has helped nearly 1,500 nonprofits create more engaging annual reports with his team’s new, digital platform. Some familiar brands include the World Wildlife Foundation, Harvard University, plus small and medium-size nonprofits across the U.S.

Prior to this, Josh advised Fortune 500 advertisers at AOL, like Wendy’s and Home Depot, to provide unique opportunities for monetizing online real estate. In addition, he also worked on accounts at ad agencies and sold radio. He received his B.A. from American University in Communications and his M.B.A. from American University in Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship.

Shout out to BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions for making this podcast possible!

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Katie Appold

Katie’s nonprofit career includes a variety of leadership roles for human service, foundation, and publishing-related nonprofits as well as many volunteer roles. Under Katie’s leadership, nonprofit organizations have developed new programs related to free healthcare, affordable and accessible housing and literacy programs for K-12 students. In her first Executive Director role, Katie increased the annual revenue of the organization she led by 300% and received the top grant prize in the nation for affordable housing through the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis. Today, she leads Nonprofit Hub and Cause Camp, which collectively serve more than 50,000 nonprofits throughout North America. Her educational background includes an undergraduate degree in business administration and a masters degree in nonprofit leadership. Katie serves as the board president of Gracious Grounds, a housing organization serving individuals with disabilities. She is an active member of the Grand Rapids Young Nonprofit Professionals, the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce, Cause Network, and the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

January 28, 2022

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