The Ultimate Online Donor Acquisition Guide

The Ultimate Donor Acquisition Guide

Donor acquisition is the lifeline of nonprofit fundraising. Not only do new donors help you grow and expand your nonprofit’s efforts and programs, but low donor retention rates mean you have to keep acquiring new donors just to maintain. This is where donor marketing comes in. While there are plenty of “best practice” blogs and guides on donor marketing, this guide is going to show you how to build a sustainable donor acquisition program that is cost-effective, digital-first, and proven to work.

Learn eight experiments on your donation page and find which works best for your organization. Experiments include:

  • Experiments for finding new donors through your email
  • 13 ways to improve your donation landing page
  • 5 methods for online donor acquisition

As a bonus, this guide also includes a Facebook Nonprofit ad template with tips such as:

Utilize your Facebook ad copy to fully explain why the free resource you are offering is valuable to your ideal donor. Remember that a Facebook reader is inundated with lots of other offers and advertising. Clearly articulate what your offer is, why it is valuable, and why someone should take advantage of your offer rather than keep scrolling through their Facebook feed.

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